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With a career that started in 1943, Asha Bhosle is the voice of a thousand Bollywood movies and the world’s most prolific recording artist. Today, thirteen landmark restaurants around the world bear her name and share her passion for authentic Indian cuisine in opulent style.

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Main Menu

Asha's Manchester

Main Menu

Blending the distinctive flavours of North-West frontier cuisine with contemporary techniques, our Main Menu offers an enticing fusion of tradition and innovation.

Venison Samosas
£ 7.95

Tender English Country Estate venison, minced with green peas, raisin peas & spices. Wrapped and fried.

Scottish Salmon Tikka Salad
£ 9.95

Organic Scottish salmon tikka cooked in a tandoor oven, served on a bed of salad, drizzled with a fresh conander and olive oil dressing.

Lobster Panchphoran
£ 32.95

Whole lobster(700-750) sourced from Manchester's Seafood Market, simmered with five spices, peppers and prawns.

Duck Seekh Kebab
£ 9.50

Lean minced duck blended with saffron and spices, grilled and served with pineapple relish.

Sarson Machli
£ 15.95

Seasonal fish fillets, simmered in mustard, onion and a thick, delicately spiced tomato gravy.

Scottish Salmon Biryani
£ 18.95

Organic Scottish salmon cooked to perfection in fragrant Basmati rice and flavoured with whole spices cashew nuts and brown onion.

Dakshin Korma
£ 11.95

Sautéed fresh vegetables with ginger and tumeric in a coconut gravy.

Boatman Prawn Curry
£ 16.95

Prawns cooked with ginger, spring onions and tumeric in a coconut gravy.

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