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With a career that started in 1943, Asha Bhosle is the voice of a thousand Bollywood movies and the world’s most prolific recording artist. Today, thirteen landmark restaurants around the world bear her name and share her passion for authentic Indian cuisine in opulent style.

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From port to plate: why you need to try our Monkfish Tikka

Chef Ashwani’s on a quest to show that Indian food is in season all year round, crafting a seasonal menu of fresh, zingy dishes inspired by local summer produce and market-fresh flavours. To celebrate our new menu, we delve into one of our most popular dishes, the Monkfish Tikka, and how it gets from ocean to plate.

Monkfish may look like a sea monster with its enormous spiny head, tiny eyes and fang-like teeth, but it’s one of the most delicious fish in the sea.

The prominence of monkfish is in fact a relatively recent development—for many years, before we came to appreciate its deliciousness, they were tossed back into the sea as by-catch. Nowadays, the fish can exceed the price of lobster, making it a delicious indulgence for diners and a culinary treat on our Indian Summer Menu.


Great for robust cooking, monkfish takes on strong flavours and herbs well, making it an unconventional but perfect pairing to the vibrant, zingy flavours of our Indian Summer menu.

Sourced locally from Scotland, we get our monkfish directly from Manchester fishmonger Smith and Sagar, where the fish travels from port to plate within 24 hours to keep it as fresh as possible. Our expert chefs then get to work skilfully filleting and preparing the Monkfish fillets from the tail of the fish, before being marinated in a family-secret recipe of fragrant spices, pink peppercorns and creamy soft cheese.

The monkfish fillets are then skewered and cooked in our tandoor – a traditional Indian oven that created a unique seared, smoky flavour that perfectly compliments the meaty fish. It’s then served on a bed of locally grown rainbow chard, with a caramelised beet puree, chestnuts and micro-cress.


Want to try our monkfish tikka dish? It’s available exclusively on our Indian Summer Menu. View the full menu here!

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