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With a career that started in 1943, Asha Bhosle is the voice of a thousand Bollywood movies and the world’s most prolific recording artist. Today, thirteen landmark restaurants around the world bear her name and share her passion for authentic Indian cuisine in opulent style.

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International Women’s Day 2018

Our top 5 inspirational Indian women

March is an important month for women’s rights around the world – not only is it Women’s History Month but it is also International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March.

From movie makers to world record breakers, we’ve got together a list of five of the most inspiration Indian women who have inspired and impacted the world with their talent – read their stories below.
Plus, don’t forget, every woman will get a free cocktail or mocktail when they dine at Asha’s on the 8th March! Terms and conditions apply.

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is an Indian professional tennis player who is currently ranked No. 1 in the women’s doubles rankings and won both the Wimbledon and US Open women’s doubles in 2015. From 2003 until her retirement from singles in 2013, she was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association as India’s best player. Throughout her amazing career, Mirza has established herself as the most successful female Indian tennis player ever and one of the highest-paid and high-profile athletes in India.

Sania gained a huge fanbase not only as a sportsperson but following controversy over her tennis attire and wearing shorts while being an Indian Muslim. Sania stood up for herself and still stands by the decision to wear the correct clothing for her career, and in turn has gained the respect of women across the globe.

Kamini Kaushal

Kamini Kaushal, better known in Bollywood as the Vivien Leigh of her generation, has acted in over 100 films. She is a Hindi film and television actress, who is most noted for her lead roles in films such as Neecha Nagar – which was the first Indian film to win the Best Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1946, and Biraj Bahu, which won Kaushal the Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1955.

Speaking about her career, Kaushal said “I, along with only few Indian heroines, were the few who got married early and had success in the film industry even after our marriages as well as led a happy married life.” Kaushal inspired many women to pursue a career while still being a mother and wife, and This woman proves that being a mother shouldn’t ever stop a woman from achieving her dreams.

Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla was an American astronaut and the first Indian- born woman and the second Indian person to go to space. She first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a mission specialist and robotic arm operator. Kalpana logged an impressive 30 days, 14 hours, and 54 minutes in space over the course of her two missions.

Chawla was one of the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003, when the craft disintegrated on its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Chawla was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honour, and several streets, universities, and institutions have been named in her honour – plus there’s even a hill on Mars that is named after her!

Mary Kom

Award-winning boxer and all-around badass, Mary Kom is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. She won the Olympic Bronze Medal for India, the Gold for National Women’s Boxing India, Gold in Asian women’s Championship, and about 20 other medals including five World Championship titles that we couldn’t possibly list here. Nicknamed “Magnificent Mary”, she is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

She isn’t just a boxer though. Mary took a two-year break as a boxer to get married and give birth to two sons, returning to boxing and coming back with a bang winning the silver medal for the Asian Women’s Boxing 2008 and winning bronze in the London Olympics 2012.

Asha Bhosle

We couldn’t complete our list without mentioning out namesake and restaurant founder, Asha Bhosle. The legendary Ashaji, who started working in Bollywood in 1943, has recorded songs in approximately 1,000 films, and has made the list of 100 Inspiring Women for years.

Renowned for her voice range and often credited for her versatility, Bhosle’s career started in 1943 and has spanned over six decades. In 2011, she was officially acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most recorded artist in music history. n 1997, the British band Cornershop paid tribute to Asha with their song “Brimful of Asha,” and her songs have been sampled by the likes of The Black Eyed Peas.

Asha is an excellent cook and cooking is her favourite hobby. She often gets flooded with requests by Bollywood celebrities for kadai ghosht and biryani dishes and has rarely turned down a request.

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