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With a career that started in 1943, Asha Bhosle is the voice of a thousand Bollywood movies and the world’s most prolific recording artist. Today, thirteen landmark restaurants around the world bear her name and share her passion for authentic Indian cuisine in opulent style.

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Guilt-free foods to enjoy this January

Indian food generally has a bad rep. Yes, every so often it’s ok to treat yourself to a butter chicken glistening with ghee and jalebi swimming in syrup, but it may surprise you that a lot of Indian cuisine can be healthy, nutritious and guilt-free. Think fresh chutneys, vibrant salads and a host of superfood ingredients, from turmeric to quinoa, all infused with the freshest Indian flavours.
Below, we’ve got together some top tips to eat guilt-free this January:

1. Choose tandoori items
A lot of curries tend to be super rich and high in fats, and while that’s fine for a treat every so often it’s not the healthiest option to go for. Look for dishes that are cooked in a tandoor – a traditional Indian clay oven. Dishes tend to be lean and fresh, marinated in yoghurt and fresh spices, imparting a distinctive flavour without the need for heavy ingredients.

2. Look out for turmeric
Turmeric is the spice that gives curries and Indian food its characteristic golden colour, and had been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects, and is a real superfood ingredient to kickstart your healthy eating (and it tastes great too!).

3. Don’t overload on carbs
So you’ve chosen a healthy main, you’ve packed in the nutritional spices, but don’t let yourself down by overdoing the carbs! With a variety of rice and breads to choose from, it can be easy to pile up your plate with garlic naan and fried rice, but instead try to choose one or the other. Opt for plain boiled rice to accompany your dish, or even try swapping a heavy naan for a smaller, lighter roti.

4. Make the most of sides
By reducing your portion of carbs, you’ve made space on your plate to try out some delicious, healthy sides. From fresh salads with a tangy dressing, to oven roasted aubergine and spiced spinach dishes, you can pack in some extra nutrients as try some new flavours alongside your Indian meal.

5. Try something veggie
Not all vegetarian dishes are sin-free, but more often than not popular veggie dishes pack in nutrients and add a tasty alternative to fatty, heavy meat dishes. Lentil and chickpea dishes like Dal and Chole are low in fat and high in fibre and protein, and they’ll help keep you fuller for longer so you don’t need to snack later in the day.

Check out our menu and try out some of our healthier alternatives this January!

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